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Woody Chaos Symbol Thing has so many uses, you'll find yourself wondering how you ever lived without Woody Chaos Symbol Thing. Here are just some of the things you can do with Woody Chaos Symbol Thing:

1 - Make A Game. Spin Woody Chaos Symbol Thing on a table. If one of the arrows points to someone, remind them they are eventually going to die.

2 - Pirate Defense. In case of emergency, throw Woody Chaos Symbol Thing at an attacking Pirate. Pirate will flee immediately and leave your ship unharmed. Offer not valid in Somalia.

3 - Falling Satellite Avoidance Compass. If you find yourself in the path of a falling satellite, consult Woody Chaos Symbol Thing. Flee in any direction indicated by an arrow.

4 - Enemy Detection Unit for the Paranoid. Do you feel like they are out to get you? Consult Woody Chaos Symbol Thing. The arrows indicate the location of people who are most certainly out to get you.

5 - Chaotic Trivet. When dealing with a hot pan fresh from the oven or stove, simply place the pan on Woody Chaos Symbol Thing to protect your table services. Caution: Woody Chaos Symbol Thing may ignite when in direct contact with hot pans fresh from the oven or stove.

Woody Chaos Symbol Thing is about 7 inches across. If you find a new use for Woody Chaos Symbol Thing, please let us know!

Shipping is direct from Ponoko, so whatever they charge for shipping will be added to the final price.

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This item is available in the following options:

As Seen In Photo 9mm MDF Natural

MDF - Natural

$9.99 Buy this option

Standard European Travelling Edition

Plywood - Eurolite (Italian Poplar)

$7.99 Buy this option

GREEN Woody Chaos Symbol Thing (100% less wood)

Acrylic - Black

$8.99 Buy this option

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Shipping & Handling, lower 48 USA

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