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Hearken back to the days of Vikings with this finely-crafted, two-stage puzzle. The puzzle packs up flat so you must first assemble the main Viking ship, measuring approximately 11 inches, and serving as the three-dimensional puzzle tray. Then the real challenge begins as you place the intricately etched pieces in the tray and try to sail your Viking ship piece across treacherous waters.

If you feel up to the challenge, here are the rules:
1. This is a hexagonal sliding block puzzle. Pieces must stay in the tray and may not rotate. They may only move in the six directions of a hexagon.
2. Choose one of the shown arrangements, placing a single red ship piece at the tail end of the ship tray.
3. Sliding the green sea monster and blue rough water pieces around, make space for the red ship piece to travel to the head end of the ship tray.

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