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This is a Settlers of Catan board with a hexagonal frame. The pieces are approximately the same size as the original pieces, measuring just over 3 inches from edge to edge. Dimensions are included in the attached pictures.

The edges of the hexagon tiles are notches to allow roads to be nest in. There are also cut outs for the numbered chits to fit in to stop them from sliding around. The circular cut outs from the hexagon can also be used to make your own numbered chits. The border pieces also have harbor pieces cut out as well. These will not fit the harbor pieces that are included with the original game set.

Since the hexagons, borders, and all cut outs are blank, you will need to paint, etch, or label the pieces for game use. The licensing agreement does all for modification to this plan if you would prefer to add your own digital embellishments and etching/engraving prior to manufacturing.

You will still need the original Settlers of Catan game to play as this does not include a design for any of the card or necessary game pieces needed to play.

Please contact me if you have any additional questions.

USD $ 10.00 CharlieJr would like to share their product with the following license Attribution NonCommercial license Read the fine print of this license Buy design files › Once purchased this file can be downloaded immediately.

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