Polypropylene - Black

0.031 inches

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What is it

Stationery grade polypropylene sheet.

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Design notes

A flexible thermoplastic with a matt finish on both sides. Polypropylene is incredibly flexible and can be used for living hinges. This plastic has a low melting point and does not raster engrave well. Intricate detail for cutting is not recommended.

By default, polypropylene is cut with protective tape on both sides. When there is light or medium engraving, the protective tape is applied only on the underside of the material.

Typical uses

Light shades, stationary, cutting mats, packaging, living hinges.

Environmental info

Polypropylene is commonly recycled, and has the number '5' as its resin identification code.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Can be heat welded.

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