Corrugated Cardboard - Single Layer

0.060 inches 0.157 inches

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What is it

Brown single walled corrugated cardboard.

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Design notes

Brown cardboard finish with visible corrugations. Large simple shapes will work best. Raster engraving is not recommended.

Typical uses

Packaging and prototyping.

Environmental info

100% recyclable.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Can be easily joined with a wide range of glues and tapes.

Tips from other designers

Melissa says:

Which directions do the corrugations run in? I placed an order and they ran horizontally, but it'd be nice to know if that was consistent (same question goes for double corrugated cardboard).

Added about 3 years ago. ( delete )
Josh says:

Hello there! All our corrugations and wood grains run horizontally to your design template. Cheers!

Added about 3 years ago. ( delete )
helen says:

If you need to have a hollow grain of the corrigated cardboard centered in you designs, how would you do that?

Added over 2 years ago. ( delete )
Josh says:

Hi Helen! Unfortunately that's not something we could guarantee for you. The placement of the corrugations will vary from sheet to sheet, and it's not possible for us to specially line up a sheet with your design at this stage. Sorry!

Added over 2 years ago. ( delete )
Jared says:

I wanted to see if anyone could verify that the corrugation flutes / grain still run in the horizontal direction (e.g. on the P3 format, the flutes/grain runs in the long dimension). Thanks

Added 12 months ago. ( delete )
Cristina says:

Hi CtemVhyJ! We currently run the corrugation flutes vertically (in the short dimension). We experimented with running the corrugation flutes horizontally (in the long dimension) but warping was a bit of a problem. With a P1 or a P2 template, our team can easily run the corrugation flutes in either direction if you have a preference. Thanks!

Added 12 months ago. ( delete )

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