PETG - Clear

0.020 inches 0.039 inches

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What is it

PETG is a clear thermoplastic polyester with a glossy finish.

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Design notes

PETG has high Impact strength and is reasonably flexible. It can be formed with and without heat although tight bend radii could result in splitting and stress marks on along the folded edge. It has a low melting point so intricate cutting detail is not recommended. Vector engraving is favored over raster engraving and intricate details are not recommended.

Typical uses

Point of Purchase Displays - Flat wall components - Product Dispensers - Food container - Bicycle Helmets - Prosthetic devices

Environmental info

PET can be recycled in some areas.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

PETG can be bonded using Weldon 7.

Tips from other designers

Wendy says:

Does anyone have recommendations for cleaning spray paint off of a PETG stencil?

Added about 3 years ago. ( delete )
Natalie says:

You could try alcohol blending solution, but I'd recommending trying on a scrap of PETG first.

Added almost 2 years ago. ( delete )
Jonathan says:

Does anyone have experience creating crease or fold lines on PETG? Can a sheet of 0.5mm stock take a fairly clean 90* bend? Does a vector engraving line make a reasonable score mark for folding, as it does woth cardstock?

Added 23 days ago. ( delete )
Dayma says:

Hi Jonathan,
We've had one customer find heavy vector (Red stroke) engraving was a little too deep to create a live hinge in the 0.5mm. Then they found medium vector (Green stroke) engraving on 0.5mm was a more suitable depth. We'd suggest to start there. Here's our post on how to create advanced engraving color settings - http://support.ponoko.com/entries/21725290-Advanced-engraving-options-using-Adobe-Illustrator

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