Veneer Core - Birch

0.204 inches

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What is it

A timber core with a 0.5 mm real timber veneer on each side.

Veneer Core has a thickness tolerance of +/-15% of the material thickness.

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Design notes

Veneered Core is best suited to prototypes or designs that will be painted. It usually has 1 good side but the other side can have knots and filler to repair the veneer. This material often has warping issues which may impact larger designs that have lengths over 12"

Laser cuts with a dark edge and engraving does not go through the veneer.

Grain direction will always run along the long edge or horizontal as drawn on the computer screen.

Typical uses

Cabinetmaking, furniture fittings & linings, boat interiors. Also ideal for commercial and residential interior fittings and linings. Not suitable for exterior use.

Environmental info

Veneers sourced from species not on the 'World List of Threatened Trees'* *http://www.iucn.org/bookstore/index.html.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Construction adhesives will bond boards well. Follow the adhesive manufacturer's instructions for application processes. Screw joints should be pre-drilled to avoid splitting.

Tips from other designers

Bathsheba says:

Occasional voids in the core mean that the edge will not be perfectly uniform.

Added about 6 years ago. ( delete )
Dan says:

The Birch VC measures closer to 5mm/0.196"

Added about 6 years ago. ( delete )
Timothy says:

I also measured this material to be 5mm in thickness.

Added about 6 years ago. ( delete )
Gregg says:

4.5mm / .177"? Not even close. My digital caliper says 5.25mm / .206". That's 17% off, people; you can't attribute 17% to margin of error.

SOMEONE needs to update these material sizes; I keep spending money on materials that are incorrectly sized!!!

Added almost 6 years ago. ( delete )
Dave says:

I have updated the thickness values.

Added almost 6 years ago. ( delete )
Bernd says:

Hmm, I based my design on the new specified thickness of 5.2mm, but what I got was actually very close to 4.5mm. I guess there is just a lot of variation on the supplier side.

Added over 5 years ago. ( delete )
Matthew says:

I had 5mm almost on the dot, so I think I'll end up planning on it being 5mm.

Added about 2 years ago. ( delete )

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