Hardboard - Gloss both sides

0.118 inches 0.217 inches

What is it

Hardboard is a particle board formed from wood fibre pulp produced by refining wood chips. Wood fibres and bonding agents are hot pressed in sheet form into high density panels.

Hardboard has a thickness tolerance of +/-10% the stated material thickness.

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Design notes

Hardboard is a lightweight, strong, durable, high density wood fibre panel product with a smooth finish on both sides.

It can be either light brown or dark brown in color. Examples of both are shown in the images above. Our current stock is dark brown.

Typical uses

Great for use in general construction, floor overlays, prototyping, or furniture.

Environmental info

Unlike other composite wood panels that utilize formaldehyde based resins to bind fibers together, hardboard only uses natural ingredients which makes it an environmentally friendly, 'green' product.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Construction adhesives will bond boards well. Follow the adhesive manufacturer's instructions for application processes. Screw joints should be pre-drilled to avoid splitting.

Tips from other designers

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