Acrylic GS - camouflage (one-sided), core: gold

0.060 inches

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What is it

Please note: This material is NOT Acrylic glass GS, but a blend of Acrylic glass (PMMA) and PPA. The properties of this material are very similar to those of Acrylic glass GS. Therefore we have listed it in this section, also because this makes all available colors more comparable.

This composite material consists of a black Acrylic core with a 0.8 mm thin cover with the particular colors. This process produces a material with outstanding characteristics: it is fracture resistant (compared to glass), weather resistant, highly transparent and lends itself to being shaped and processed.

Acrylic can be milled, drilled and sawn and printed e.g. with screen-printing.

Design notes

Acrylic semifinished products do not turn yellow in the sunshine. This makes them perfect for outdoor use – but all variants with a polished cover have only limited weather resistance in the outdoors. Because acrylic is subject to thermal expansion, any fixing or mounting systems must be so designed that the sheets are never under stress.

Acrylic should not be cleaned with glass cleaners like Sidolin because they can corrode or deface it. Warm water with detergent or special plastic cleaners should be used.

If you want to engrave this material, please note that only heavy raster and vector engraving are suitable. Because only then the cover layer is removed completely and reveals the black core. We have learned that this coated acrylic is not suitable for delicate designs like jewelry. With very delicate designs cut edges get sticky, cuts leave a burr and engravings are not crisp. Therefore please don’t use this material e.g. for filigree, small earrings or pendants.

Please inquire if you want us to apply self-adhesive film or magnetic foil on the back side of this material.

We recommend penetrating oil (brand names such as WD-40 or Caramba) and a micro fiber cloth for the cleaning of this material after engraving. Thereby fine engraving dust is released and the black color of the core comes out well.

Typical uses

This Acrylic is especially suitable for signs, certificates, and cups.

Tips from other designers

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