Cardstock - Box Board

0.051 inches

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What is it

Single Ply Board made from 100% recycled fibre. Weight is 700gsm.

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Design notes

Natural matt cardboard finish. It engraves well, but dense raster engraving will leave a brown residue around the engraved area. This can be removed with low tack masking tape. To determine the optimum engraving depth for your design, we suggest prototyping or purchasing a sample of this material from out sample store. It holds a fold well, use medium vector engraving lines to score the surface and control the fold.

Small light pieces can shift or get sucked into extraction during cutting, so provisions need to be made for this at the design stage. Card is supplied with low tack protective paper on the underside of the sheet. The low tack protective paper on the bottom of the material must stay on during the laser cutting to protect the material from heat flares.

Typical uses

Packaging, prototyping, architectural models, decorative arts, collage, and craft

Environmental info

100% recyclable, 100% recycled

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Can be easily joined with a wide range of glues and tapes.

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