Plywood - Technoply Beech

0.063 inches

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What is it

An interior grade plywood product made from laminated layers of timber.

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Design notes

This plywood is constructed from clear face veneer with occasional minor repairs. Being a thin and natural material the ply can potentially warp which can affect the flatness of parts.

Detailed elements and engraving within P2 and P3 design files require spacing out to avoid material warping and compromising cut quality. Check out this blog post for more info on how to design for thin plywood. The plywood is cut with the grain running horizontally, and the underside surface protected with transfer tape.

Technoply Beech has a thickness tolerance of +/-15% of the material thickness.

Typical uses

Jewellery, Model Making, Cabinet Making & Joinery, Interior Fittings, Displays and Shop Fittings, Partitions.

Environmental info

Fully Renewable Resource - Plantation Grown

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

PVA or wood glue are the ideal choice.

Tips from other designers

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