Bamboo - Natural

0.220 inches

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What is it

A solid panel product laminated from 5.5mm strips of bamboo.

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Design notes

A golden brown color with a fine grain. The bamboo joints are visible on the surface and break up the grain creating a unique appearance.

The bamboo is cut with the grain running horizontally across the template. Extra space is recommended between detailed, heavily engraved designs to avoid warping during cutting. For more information on spacing out designs read this blog post

To determine the optimum engraving depth for your design, we suggest prototyping or purchasing a sample of this material from out sample store.

This material is supplied with protective paper on both sides of the sheet for protection from flaring and scorching. Unless you use light or medium vector or raster fill engraving, which means only protective tape will be used on the underneath so the top engraves correctly.

Typical uses

Cabinetmaking, furniture fittings & linings, Also ideal for commercial and residential interior fittings and linings. Not suitable for exterior use.

Environmental info

Bamboo is 100% renewable.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Bamboo panel can be cut and sanded using conventional woodworking equipment and offers excellent dimensional stability. It can also be glued or mechanically fastened using the same materials and fasteners commonly used with wood.

Tips from other designers

Scott says:

Very nice warm colour that also takes stain evenly.

Due to the fact that this is a laminated panel engraving can be a little uneven.

While it is a solid product, one side does appear to be a smoother finish and this will likely be the side engraving and cutting is done on.

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Dave says:

If you're raster engraving, it's best to use a dark grey, or black. Lighter greys get lost in the grain of the material.

I also recommend that you outline your raster engraving with a red or green vector engraving. This adds an extra pop and definition.

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Jon says:

The grain will run across the horizontal direction of your template for all P-sizes (just like it's pictured). I believe this is true for all wood materials.

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