Silicone - Black

0.059 inches

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What is it

High temperature silicone rubber sheet.

How fast will this material ship?

Orders using this material will ship as fast as same day. Find out more.

Can I get a sample?

You can get a sample here.

Design Notes

A black silicone sheet with a smooth finish on both sides. A powdery residue builds up on the laser cut edge but this is easily wiped off.

Thickness Tolerance is ±0.016"

This silicone maintains it's properties over a temperature range of –50° to +400° F.

Durometer hardness is 50A (medium soft). Durometer tolerance is ±5.

Tensile Strength: 700 psi.

Unlike most other materials silicone will be shipped without the surrounding material sheet. The sticky paper we normally use to hold all cut pieces within the surrounding material does not stick to silicone so we opt to individually pull designs off the laser and bag them for shipping. Add a cutting line around all pieces of the silicone that you want to have shipped.

Engraving Silicone

Line engraving is recommended over area engraving. Area engraving will leave a white powdery residue on the material.

There are 3 types of engraving possible with laser cutting. Area engraving, line engraving and a combination of both.

Area engraving is great it you need to mark a large area on the surface of the material. To specify area engraving set your shapes to have a fill color of black with RGB values of 0, 0, 0. The way this engraving is performed is like an old dot matrix printer except instead of dots of ink it uses pulses of the laser beam. This is a surface finish not deep enough to be used for pocketing or inlays. The depth of the engraving ranges between 0.1-0.2mm.

Line engraving is like a really shallow cut. To achieve this effect the stroke color to red with RGB values of 255, 0, 0 and set the stroke style to a width of 0.01 mm. The laser beam follows along the red lines that you have in your design and marks the surface of the material. The result is crisp but it can be a time consuming technique if you have a lot of small details like text.

Using a combination of both engraving types typically gets the best result. Set your shapes to have a fill color of black with RGB values of 0, 0, 0, the stroke color to red with RGB values of 255, 0, 0, and set the stroke style to a width of 0.01 mm. The line engraving causes the laser beam to trace around the edges of the engraved areas making them more crisp and bringing the details to life.

Typical Uses

Silicone is typically used for gaskets, seals, jewelry, etc.

Adhesives, joints and fastenings

Silicone may be bonded with Sil-Poxy or other silicone based adhesives.

Tips from other designers


Permanent and semi-permanent marks clear packing tape leaves on the silicone can be removed using regular wet wipes. Although it will require some rubbing and some marks might still remain. Since I make appearance products (jewelry), I couldn't have marks on the material.

Other things I've tried: window cleaner - no result; organic jewelry cleaner - no result; dish soap and soft brush - removes marks and badly scratches silicone; dish soap on a towel - no result. Have any of you tried something else that worked?

Added about 4 years ago. ( delete )
Matthew says:

@GraysCrafts: "Wet wipes" will likely contain isopropyl alcohol. You can buy this pure, or mixed with water, as "rubbing alcohol" from pharmacies. This is typically very effective at removing adhesive residue. Alternatively, hand sanitizer is mostly ethanol and may also be effective.

Added almost 4 years ago. ( delete )

Thank you, mdkendall! I will try that. I guess adhesive remover might also work, although I don't know if it will leave light spots on the silicone.

Added about 3 years ago. ( delete )
Jimmy says:

is this matte or shinny?

Added over 1 year ago. ( delete )
Dan says:

Hi Jimmy - The black silicone has more of a matte finish. Cheers!

Added over 1 year ago. ( delete )

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