Silicone - Black

0.059 inches

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What is it

High temperature silicone rubber sheet.

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Design notes

A black silicone sheet with a smooth finish on both sides. A powdery residue builds up on the laser cut edge but this is easily wiped off.

Thickness Tolerance is ±0.016"

This silicone maintains it's properties over a temperature range of –50° to +400° F.

Durometer hardness is 50A (medium soft). Durometer tolerance is ±5.

Tensile Strength: 700 psi

Typical uses

Becoming more and more common at the consumer level, silicone rubber products can be found in every room of a typical home. From automotive applications; to a large variety of cooking, baking, and food storage products; to apparel, undergarments, sportswear, and footwear; to electronics; to home repair and hardware, and a host of unseen applications.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Silicone may be bonded with Sil-Poxy or other silicone based adhesives.

Tips from other designers


Permanent and semi-permanent marks clear packing tape leaves on the silicone can be removed using regular wet wipes. Although it will require some rubbing and some marks might still remain. Since I make appearance products (jewelry), I couldn't have marks on the material.

Other things I've tried: window cleaner - no result; organic jewelry cleaner - no result; dish soap and soft brush - removes marks and badly scratches silicone; dish soap on a towel - no result. Have any of you tried something else that worked?

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Matthew says:

@GraysCrafts: "Wet wipes" will likely contain isopropyl alcohol. You can buy this pure, or mixed with water, as "rubbing alcohol" from pharmacies. This is typically very effective at removing adhesive residue. Alternatively, hand sanitizer is mostly ethanol and may also be effective.

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Thank you, mdkendall! I will try that. I guess adhesive remover might also work, although I don't know if it will leave light spots on the silicone.

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Jimmy says:

is this matte or shinny?

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Dan says:

Hi Jimmy - The black silicone has more of a matte finish. Cheers!

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