Rubber stamp - stamp rubber, no smell

0.090 inches

What is it

Rubber stamps consist of a rubber sheet with a motif, a mounting plate and a grip. For an even pressure distribution when stamping, there is a soft layer glued between the rubber sheet and the mounting plate.

At Formulor you get the rubber stamp with your individual motif. We currently NOT offer the mounting plate, stamp grip and intermediate layer.

Rubber stamps are available only in P1 material sheet size (181 x 181 mm).

You can use our MDF or simply use a wooden block as a mounting plate and stamp grip.

The intermediate layer is usually made of a double-sided self-adhesive foam rubber (CC) or polyethylene foam (PE) at a thickness of 1 mm to 2 mm. You will find several suppliers with the appropriate search terms.

Design notes

For your design, please use only heavy raster engraving (single black color fill, RGB 0,0,0, no patterns or textures) and blue cutting lines (RGB 0,0,255, stroke: 0.01 mm or hairline).

Create your design like you want the final stamp motif to look like, but at the opposite side of our design templates (photo "Design"). For the motif only use heavy raster engraving. To cut the stamp out of the material sheet, put a blue cutting line with a minimum distance of 2 mm around the motif (photo "Design").

From Formulor you will receive the rubber stamp as shown in photo "Stamp in material sheet". When making your stamp we will mirror your original design (photo "Stamp").

Use ink or paint (not included) to stamp your motif onto whatever you like, this will be a mirrored image of the stamp (photo "Stamp motif").

Tips from other designers

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