Felt - Orange

0.030 inches 0.118 inches

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What is it

Mixed felt is made of cotton, wool, synthetic fibers and a small part of cellulose (in variable quantities).

Soft and condensed, felt can be laser cut with perfect results. Raster engraving is not allowed, while vector engraving gives great effects.

Design notes

This felt is resilient to shreds and stresses: can be creased and folded without loosing its consistency. High-detailed cuts, up to 2mm, can be cut with great results (see test cuts picture).

Vector engraving is great to add logos or decoration on the surface. Light vector engraving (magenta) it's hardly visible on the surface: it's ideal for creating surface textures.

Raster engraving is not allowed.

Typical uses

Jewels, brooches, bags, hats and scarfs, shoes, rugs, placemats and coasters, lining and insulations…

Environmental info

It's made of recycled spare materials from the textile industry. Can be recycled.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Felt can be easily sewn. Can be glued on itself or on different materials such as wood and cardboard, with most commons glues.

Tips from other designers

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