Leather, cow neck leather - black

0.140 inches

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What is it

Cow neck leather, approx. 3.5 mm. Important to know: each piece is unique - material thickness, colour and structure vary since we use cow neck leather that has not been embossed.

Design notes

A light tan colored leather with a smooth finish on one side and a suede like finish on the other. Can be dyed to alter the color and oiled to improve water resistance. Some natural imperfections could appear on the surface of the leather.

Because of the laser cutting the pieces have a rather strong smell at first, but this will go away very quickly. Worn a few times, keyring and bag pendants, wristbands and wallets or your very own design will get a nice patina.

Typical uses

Equestrian, tooling, handcraft, belts, picture frames, hand bags, book binding, carving, stamping.

Environmental info

This leather has been tanned and coloured following EU Directives.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Rivets and common sewing techniques will work for joining this material.

Hint - Laser cut thread holes and pieces can be stitched neatly by hand.

Tips from other designers

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