3D Printed - Durable Gloss Plastic - Black


Material description

Durable gloss plastic objects are printed from Black ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). This is the same material that legos are made from.

Durable gloss plastic can be can be drilled, tapped, sanded and painted making great for functional products.

Orders using this material generally ship in 1-2 weeks. Find out more.

Technology description

Durable gloss plastic objects are made using fused deposition modeling (FDM) on a Dimension 3D printing machine. The process works by heating ABS filament and extruding a thin filament accurately onto a build surface. It builds in a criss-cross fashion, so that each layer's grain is perpendicular - which makes the part stronger. The support material dissolves in water allowing for much more complicated geometries and a smoother surface finish.

Design tips

The minimum recommended wall thickness for Durable gloss plastic is 1.5mm and minimum detail size is 1mm. However, objects need enough strength to be self-supporting. For example, large, bulky geometries connected with thin structures (like a character with a big head on a skinny neck) could break in handling (especially in shipping) and should be designed to avoid this. If you have features that extend and converge to a point (eg a cone) they should be at an angle greater than 10 degrees.

Nested objects (objects floating within another object), hinged objects, and simple interlinking objects like chains and gears are possible using this material. A gap of 0.5mm between objects should be used for them to separate correctly after printing.

Hollow geometry requires an opening to clean out the water soluble support material.

Tips from other designers

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An easy to clean products.

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