Polypropylen - black, opaque

0.030 inches

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What is it

Its unusual toughness together with the fact that it is tear-proof makes polypropylene a material with a wide spectrum of applications. It is light, antistatic, scratch-resistant, resistant to numerous chemicals, UV-stable and temperature-resistant from -10 °C to +110 °C.

Design notes

Polypropylen melts if treated with the laser. Therefere very delicate designs tend to leave melted edges and thin threads (e.g. in sharp corners).

Therefore we recommend laser cutting of large-scale designs and medium raster and vector engraving. Heavy engraving melts the material as shown above.

Typical uses

e.g. covers or everything that needs to be thin and flexible but cannot be a paper

Environmental info

Polypropylen is environmentally friendly because of the fact that it contains hardly any additives and burns down to water and carbon dioxide under favourable conditions.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Polypropylen can be glued with relatively good success, but it is generally true that glue work with polypropylene is much more problematic than it is with other plastics. If the areas to be glued are first treated with POLY-PRIMER, small area gluing can be successful using SUPER GLUE. This technique, however, is not good enough for constructive uses. Mechanically produced connections like, for example, RIVETS, are a much better method – plug-and-socket connections or hook-and-loop tapes (whose glue backing sticks relatively well to this material) can also be used successfully.

Tips from other designers

Laurent says:

Do not assume that this material will remain flat, it tend to wave after laser cut. Key words are flexible and tear-proof.

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