Mylar - Clear

0.004 inches

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What is it

A clear transparent acid free, archival polyester film.

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Design notes

This is a temperature stable, moisture resistant thin sheet material. It is crystal clear transparent.

Mylar laser cuts very well, down to very delicate detail.

Mylar can only be engraved using light vector settings. It cannot have any raster engraving and heavy or medium vector engraving.

By default, mylar is cut with protective transfer tape on both sides of the sheet, except when engraved - the transfer tape is applied to underside only. If you wish to not use the transfer tape, specify your request in shipping options.

Because mylar is such a thin material, any engraving will compromise its structure, and the mylar will snap along any straight engraving line if pressure is applied.

Small light pieces can shift or get sucked into exhaust during cutting, so provisions need to be made for this at the design stage. Small parts may need to be tabbed into a larger piece.

Typical uses

Used for the safe encapsulation of documents, laminating cards, x-ray film; packaging for food, medical supplies and electronics. It is excellent for PCB stencils.

Environmental info

Chemically inert, food safe and recyclable where polyester can be recycled

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

3M C77 contact spray adhesive, 3M Scotch-Grip High Performance Contact Adhesive #1357. Other adhesives and glues will peel off the material surface once dry.

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