PETG - Clear

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What is it

PETG is a clear thermoplastic polyester with a glossy finish.

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Design notes

PETG has high Impact strength and is reasonably flexible. It can be formed with and without heat although tight bend radii could result in splitting and stress marks on along the folded edge. It has a low melting point so intricate cutting detail is not recommended. Vector engraving is favored over raster engraving and intricate details are not recommended.

To determine the optimum engraving depth for your design, we suggest prototyping or purchasing a sample of this material from out sample store.

By default, PETG is cut with protective tape on both sides. When there is light or medium engraving, the protective tape is applied only on the underside of the material.

For ideas on making with PETG check out this blog post

Typical uses

Point of Purchase Displays - Flat wall components - Product Dispensers - Food container - Bicycle Helmets - Prosthetic devices

Environmental info

PET can be recycled in some areas.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

PETG can be bonded using Weldon 7. It can also be heat welded.

Tips from other designers

Eileen says:

The thinnest (.5mm) PETG is a GREAT material for stencils -- flexible and strong.

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