Silicone - clear, translucent

0.039 inches 0.080 inches

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What is it

Silicone sheets are used industrially as gasket and sealing materials and as mats and underlays. However, this tear-proof and stretchable material is also good for making articles like bags, coverings, wall coverings or lamps (high degree of temperature resistance).
- elongation at tear approx. 300%
- temperature resistant from -60 °C to 230 °C
- foof safe according to EN 1935/2004
- electrically insulating
- weather-proof
- UV resistant
- talc-powdered

Design notes

Engraving is not recommended for this Silicone. Because of the heat generated in the engraving, the material gets burned, especially when heavy raster engraving is applied (please see pictures above).

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

The silicone, which is very soft, can be cut using a blade or shears. It does not, however, take well to gluing. In order to attach it to itself or to other materials it must be riveted, screwed or sewn.

Tips from other designers

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