Cork - natural

0.078 inches 0.157 inches

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What is it

Cork is a low density and fine structured material. It's elastic, buoyant, and almost impermeable.
Cork is a natural material, and its cells can have different colors, from yellow to tan.

Design notes

This is a low density cork and can be subject to tearing. Due to the surface difference, some details cannot be visible with light engraving (both raster and vector).

Typical uses

Bulletin boards, potholders, coasters, architectural models, wall covering and numerous other industrial, commercial and hobby requirements.

Environmental info

The cork bark can be 'stripped' off allowing new bark to grow in its place without killing or damaging the trees. This makes every tree a renewable source of raw material.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

All-purpose glue, pins, double-sided tape.

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