Kraftplex - light brown beige, hd

0.030 inches

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What is it

Kraftplex is made of 100 % unbleached wood fiber from sustainably managed softwood forests. The production process of Kraftplex is unique and uses nothing but water, pressure and heat; no chemical additives, bleaches or binding agents are needed.

Kraftplex 'hd' has a smooth, even surface.

Design notes

Kraftplex is as stable, flexible and shapeable as a sheet of metal. The material is electrically isolating, what makes it an alternative to conventional plastic sheets.

The laser cuts Kraftplex with smooth edges. For nice engraving results we recommend the settings for medium vector line / raster fill engraving.

Typical uses

For furniture and home accessory, product design and modeling

Environmental info

The material is made from renewable resources, eco-friendly, completely biodegradable and pollutant-free.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Kraftplex can be joint with wood glue, contact adhesives, and two-component adhesives. The bonding should be carried out at low pressure (less than 0,1 N/mm²) and without heat.

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