Felt - light grey tinged, 100% wool

0.118 inches

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What is it

100% wool felt is made out of sheeps wool, is UV-resistant, tear-proof, temperature-proof from about -40 °C to +110 °C, will not burn and carbonizes at temperatures over 200 °C. Its elasticity, its permeability to air, its great insulation qualities against heat, cold and sound, its pH neutrality and its dimensional stability make this a material with a wide variety of possible uses.

Wool felt is incredibly resilient and retains its unique properties for decades. It is wear resistant, cuts with a smooth edge that does not fray. The colors are vibrant and non toxic.

Please note that as a natural material, felt has a strong burnt smell after laser cutting. The edge scorches and turns brown which is more noticeable on the lighter colors.

For cleaning your felt designs without the cost of dry-cleaning or the deforming disaster of machine washing we recommend to dab and brush your design with soapsuds made with a wool detergent. Any residual fluid during this process should be absorbed by means of a dry cloth. Please air dry the felt afterwards. The felt will shrink slightly by this treatment.

Large amounts of raster engraving are not recommended. Heavy engraving is recommended as the light engraving does not show up over the surface texture.

Wool felt is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource and can be joined with typical fabic and sewing techniques.

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