Metal - Stainless Steel

0.016 inches 0.036 inches

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What is it

If you want to make jewelry or something with intricate cut-outs or engraving, see here for the guide.

Orders using this material generally ship out within 2 weeks. Find out more.

Environmental info


Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Stainless steel best connected with mechanical fastenings, soldering, brazing or welding.

A two part epoxy may be used to stick metal to other materials. For more info about gluing metal see this site.

Tips from other designers

Brian says:

I don't understand why you bother to even offer metal. At these prices no one can afford to make anything. I designed a lamp shade that if I have it cut at a local shop, their material cost is $10.50. The same part on Ponoko is $97!!

Added about 1 year ago. ( delete )
Maria says:

what i rip off lol... i go to my local laser cutting company and get it down for less than 50% off,

Added 8 months ago. ( delete )
John says:

What the prior commentors miss is that photochemical machining is an "all you can eat" process, where there's no additional cost for the design's complexity. This means its pricing works best for either very complex designs or for many copies of intricate designs as is common with jewelry. Either of these cases would take a long time on a laser cutter, raising the cost considerably. Conversely, this process is a poor choice for simple designs that can quickly be laser cut or fabricated with other means.

Added about 1 month ago. ( delete )
Dan says:

@John - thanks for your comments. You are exactly right. PCM is great for parts to intricate for laser cutting and making many copies. Metal laser cutting is best for simple designs.

Added about 1 month ago. ( delete )
Roy says:

@John Can you confirm this is a photochemical process? The main page and the photo indicate this is a laser cutting process, and an air assisted one to boot, which oxidizes the HAZ.

Added 11 days ago. ( delete )
Dan says:

@Roy - You're right, the photos are of metal laser cutting not Photochemical machining. We're in the process of updating those. You can see more images of the PCM result if you click through to the guide.

Added 11 days ago. ( delete )

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