Metal - Stainless Steel

0.016 inches 0.036 inches

What is it

If you want to make jewelry or something with intricate cut-outs or engraving, see here for the guide.

Orders using this material generally ship out within 2 weeks. Find out more.

Environmental info


Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Stainless steel best connected with mechanical fastenings, soldering, brazing or welding.

A two part epoxy may be used to stick metal to other materials. For more info about gluing metal see this site.

Tips from other designers

Brian says:

I don't understand why you bother to even offer metal. At these prices no one can afford to make anything. I designed a lamp shade that if I have it cut at a local shop, their material cost is $10.50. The same part on Ponoko is $97!!

Added 12 months ago. ( delete )
Maria says:

what i rip off lol... i go to my local laser cutting company and get it down for less than 50% off,

Added 6 months ago. ( delete )

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