Felt - Wool White

0.118 inches

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What is it

100% pure wool which is air-permeable, sound-absorbing, insulating and dirt-resistant due to its natural oils.

Design notes

Incredibly resilient and retains its unique properties for decades. It is wear resistant, cuts with a clean edge and does not fray. The colors are vibrant and non toxic. It can be drycleaned to reduce the burnt smell but it pays to test a sample first. Raster engraving is not recommended.

Typical uses

Commonly used as a material for crafts, jewelry, rugs, table mats, coasters, insulation, sound dampening etc

Environmental info

Consists of 100% pure wool and thus, it is renewable and ecologically unobjectionable.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Can be joined with typical fabric and sewing techniques.

Tips from other designers

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