Plywood - Poplar

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What is it

Plywood is an engineered wood made from veneer sheets glued together. It has a strong resistance to cracking, shrinkage and warping. The outer and inner layers are symmetrically cross-bonded poplar veneer sheets. The exclusive use of poplar gives a white colour and the panel is flexible, light and strong. Since the grain of the wood chips in the plywood run in different directions it is can occasionally have a varying depth when cutting. Cuts cleanly leaving a burnt edge.

Tips from other designers

Jonas says:

Poplar plywood is regularly used for lightweight applications, as it is approximately 40% lighter than normal plywoods.

A 10mm P3 sheet would weigh somewhere in the range of 1.1-1.3kgs.

Since it is grown in place of agricultural crops and is quick-growing, the use of poplar as a raw material does not affect the environment in the same way as some other lumbers can, and poplar plywood is therefore a very environmentally friendly product.

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Pelayo says:

Is it food safe?
For storing sandwiches or so...

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