MDF - brown, uncoated

0.118 inches 0.197 inches

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What is it

The so-called MDF panel is a recent development whose letters stand for “medium density fibreboard”. It is a medium hard fibre-type board with a high-density surface. It is produced with coniferous woods that have been decorticated (bark removed) and that is why it has a relatively light colour. Interesting fact: to produce a 16 mm thick panel, pressed-fibre mats that when stacked are close to one metre thick must be pressed together.

Working with MDF is done using the usual tools and machines that are used for all solid woods. One particular attribute of this material that should be mentioned is how it takes to being milled. It is recommended that all machining work should be done using carbide tipped tools because the high density of the panels contributes to an increased wear and tear. The panels can be varnished directly without any problem.

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