Plywood - Birch

0.031 inches 0.118 inches

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What is it

Plywood consists of multiple layers of wood which are glued together – in this case with tego film glue. This is a dry phenolic resin film glue which is outdoor weather resistant per DIN 68705 (corresponds to AW 100, without certificate), which means that it is both moisture and weather resistant.

The birch plywood we have on offer is quality B/B. Because this classification requires that the wood have knots only up to 8 mm in diameter and limits the number of other characteristic properties as well, it is also great for decorative uses. In architectural model making, the lightly grained birch airplane plywood is great for building stratified models, whole buildings, attached facades, ceilings or floors.

Sawing should be done with a CIRCULAR BENCH SAW, SCROLL SAW or FRET SAW; gluing with UHU hard, TESA ALL-PURPOSE GLUE or PONAL (especially in the case of large areas). Birch airplane plywood can be painted or varnished with great results.

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