Bluetooth Breakout - Bluegiga WT-32

Cost: $89.95 each

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Description: This is a breakout board for the powerful Bluegiga Bluetooth® SMD Module. The breakout board brings all relevant pins to a standard 0.1" spaced header.

The Bluegiga module provides the highest level of integration with integrated 2.4GHz radio, DSP, battery charger, stereo codec and antenna ready to hit mono and stereo audio applications. WT32 is also fully ready to support the latest Bluetooth® v2.1 + EDR standard.

The embedded DSP core allows enhancement of the product with features such as advanced audio decoding, echo cancellation, noise reduction and data manipulation.

WT32 combined with Bluegiga’s flexible iWRAP firmware enables device manufacturers to easily add wireless, secure and standard based Bluetooth® connectivity into new or existing applications with minimized development and manufacturing effort. The module is Bluetooth® end-product, CE, FCC and IC certified.

WT32 supports several different integration designs:

  • The module can be configured to operate autonomously
  • A host processor can control the functionality with ASCII commands via UART or USB interface
  • Functions are provoked with events via GPIO Pins

This breakout board comes populated with the Bluegiga module as shown.


SKU: WRL-08952

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