ProtoBoard TQFP44 0.8mm Pitch

Cost: $4.50 each

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Description: This breakout board allows for standard surface mount, SMD and SMT, TQFP 44 pin packages with 25mil (0.8mm) spacing between pads. The PCB uses a double copper layer plated thru-hole surface mount design. Square copper pads are located on the bottom side of the board for other surface mount components. Plated thru-holes are off the center of square copper pads for creating soldering space. These work great with our protoboards.

Check out our Surface Mount Soldering Tutorials!


  • 44 pin, 31mil (0.8mm) spacing.
  • 2 inch square (50.8mm).
  • Three 4-40 standard screw holes for fixing board position.

SKU: PRT-08879

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