Fingerprint Scanner

Cost: $129.95 each

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Description: The Nitgen RS232 serial fingerprint scanner is a powerful ADSP-BF531 Blackfin based system. This scanner is capable of gathering and storing unique finger prints. Simply hold your finger on the optical scanner, query the device over serial, and you will be issued a unique ID. Use that ID within your embedded system to determine access levels, time clocks, door locks, etc.

Unit includes master controller board, optical reader, and ribbon cable to connect read to controller. We are trying to get pigtail interface cables made but in the interim, you will need to create your own connection to the serial connector.

Note: There was a time when we were selling both the FIM3040N-LV and the FIM5360N-LV. We have now phased out the 3040 and will be continuing to sell only the 5360. For those of you who have the 3040, we've listed the datasheet and interface guide below for reference, along with their model numbers. Any new orders should receive the 5360 so be advised to refer to the correct datasheet.


  • Serial at 9600bps
  • 3.3V@200mA
  • Capture in 0.2s
  • Verification in 1.0s


SKU: SEN-08839

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