GPS Evaluation Board

Cost: $39.95 each

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Description: This is an evaluation board for our various GPS modules that incorporates many new features! This one board supports connection to the various GPS modules sold by SparkFun. Serial interface for USB over the FT232RL and a classic RS232 interface. Power is provided over USB or a DC barrel jack. A power switch, port selection, and serial isolation switches are available.

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Note: If using the Lassen iQ module, a piece of tape is needed to cover the exposed header under the module.

Supported Modules:

  • FV-M8 (formerly EB-85A)
  • EM406
  • EM408
  • Lassen iQ
  • Copernicus (requires female socket installation)


  • On board 5V regulation
  • Power over USB
  • Power over 5.5x2.1mm barrel jack (center positive)
  • Status LED
  • 12mm Coin Cell backup battery holder
  • Serial over USB (FT232RL VCP)
  • Serial over dual RS232 connection
  • All serial ports broken out



SKU: GPS-08334

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