Tool Kit - Deluxe

Cost: $129.95 each

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Description: We picked our very best tools and put together the ultimate kit of the tools we use on a daily basis. Whether you're a beginner looking to get into some serious hardware hacking, or just setting up a second workshop and need the complete kit, this is everything you need!

The latest edition of this tool kit does away with some lesser-used tools and includes our new 50W SparkFun branded soldering iron.

Note: The solder spool in this kit is leaded. We prefer using leaded solder on prototypes or other non-production type things - it's easier to work with (flows better). If you're new to soldering, the leaded solder will make things a bit easier.

Note: The soldering iron is only meant for 110VAC input.

Kit Includes:


Replaces: TOL-09467

SKU: TOL-10874

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