Making Things Talk - 2nd edition

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Description: Tom Igoe is one of the more prolific actors on the Arduino scene. One of the five core Arduino developers, Tom has amassed a huge volume of knowledge working with a multitude of technologies and a large number of students over the past decade. Making Things Talk is a small section of what he has learned.

This full-color book covers a wide range: flex sensors, Bluetooth wireless, XBee wireless, USB, networks, IR remote control, RFID, force sensitive resistors, protocols, and of course, lots of LEDs. It's pretty awesome - and it's not just how to work with these neat technologies, but how to apply them in innovative projects. This is a great book to build upon a basic knowledge of Arduino. The author has a great way of describing and teaching on a very easy to understand level, while leading the reader to an understanding of complex concepts.

The emergence of an Open Source Hardware movement has prompted a second edition of this jam-packed volume of Arduino goodness. Since the release of the first edition, Arduino 1.0 has hit the scene and this new edition was written using 1.0beta.


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