Serial Accelerometer Dongle

Cost: $29.95 each

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Description: The Serial Accelerometer Dongle is a 3 axis accelerometer up to +/-6g with a simple serial interface. The Serial Accelerometer Dongle has a variable baud rate, a factory reset command, and a complete triple axis measurement system based on the MMA7361 sensor from Freescale. Power is gained from any RS232 port (including USB-to-RS232 converters) so no external power supply is needed. The new version replaces the onboard PIC with an ATMega328 . The board has software configurable settings to select between 2 different sensing ranges (+/- 1.5 and 6g).

The board outputs real-time accelerations from 9600 to 57600bps using visible ASCII characters. It is compatible with any RS232 Comm port in conjunction with any terminal program (Hyperterminal, VB Programs, or anything else that can read the comm port). It works fine with USB-RS232 converters.

Dimensions: 1.3 x 1.25" (33.2 x 31.7 mm)


Replaces: SEN-00248 

SKU: SEN-10537

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