Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 500mAh 7.4v

Cost: $4.95 each

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Description: This LiPo is a hardy little battery pack. They managed to pack a constant discharge rate of 25C into this battery. For its size, it has one of the highest discharge rates on the market. This is an excellent choice for projects that don't use a lot of energy but need a lot of current for short amounts of time and need to be small.

The battery has two cells and outputs 7.4V storing 500mAh of charge. Because this is a dual cell battery pack, a special charger is needed. This battery is not compatible with single cell chargers. A compatible charger is listed below.


  • 7.4V 2-cell pack
  • 500mAh capacity
  • 25C continuous discharge rate
  • High power output to size ratio
  • JST-XH charge plug
  • JST-RCY discharge plug

Dimensions: 55x31x13mm

Weight: 39g (1.4oz)

SKU: PRT-10500

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