Heatsink and Fan - 70mm

Cost: $4.95 each

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Description: This heatsink and fan combo was originally designed to work with an Intel Pentium 4 478 on a computer motherboard, but we find it works well in combination with our thermoelectric cooler. The 70mm fan runs at 3500 RPM at 12V. It has an RPM signal wire for sensing fan speed as well as two connectors for power.

The heatsink measures 80×69mm at the base and is 35mm tall. Overall (with the height of the fan) the combo is 60mm tall. The fan itself is about 25mm tall.

Note: This comes with mounting hardware that we don't know how to use and a small packet of thermal grease.


  • 12VDC fan
  • 28.6 dB fan noise
  • 32.1CFM
  • 3500 RPM fan speed

SKU: PRT-10686

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