Zip-Tie Assortment

Cost: $4.95 each

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Description: Zip ties, what can't they do? From bundling a mess of wires to securing a stray component to an enclosure; zip ties are a great thing to have handy. Well here we have an assortment of 300 zip ties in plastic organizer, each size is a different color so they can't get mixed up (unless you're color-blind). Always having a selection of zip ties at arm's reach really makes our lives easier (at least the workbench-related part) and we think it might help you too.


  • 100x - 2.5x10mm
  • 50x - 3.6x150mm
  • 50x - 3.6x180mm
  • 50x - 3.6x200mm
  • 25x - 4.8x200mm
  • 25x - 2.5x200mm

SKU: PRT-10328

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