Solder Paste - 50g Leaded

Cost: $9.95 each

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Description: Solder Paste Stenciling is the easiest and quickest way to solder some of the trickier SMD components. Here at SparkFun, we use solder paste stenciling on pretty much all of our boards. It saves us a lot of time. But stenciling takes more than just a stencil and a dream... you're going to need some paste.

So here's 50-grams of solder paste! This is just the right amount of paste for most hobby projects and it even comes in a small reusable container. It does contain some lead, so you wouldn't want to use it in production, but it's just fine for hobby-use or prototyping.

Check out the Solder Paste Stenciling tutorial (and the video below), if you haven't already.

SKU: TOL-10448

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