Colorganic Spectralizer Kit

Cost: $24.95 each

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Description: The Colorganic Spectralizer is an audio spectrum analyzer with seven bright 10mm colored LEDs. Use it as a miniature color organ or just a flashy desktop display thing. Each LED responds with a brightness that's in proportion to the sound level at a particular frequency. The Colorganic Spectralizer comes complete with an integrated microphone and runs for hundreds of hours on one set of AA batteries.

This kit is an advanced level electronics construction project because it requires soldering skills with surface mount technology parts, so it is not recommended for beginners. You will need patience and a fine touch to assemble this kit successfully. You might want to check out our SMD soldering tutorial.

The indicator LEDs can be arranged in any color layout that you want. You can use the standard layout, or rearrange the LED colors to any design that you desire. In order to assist you with the color layout design, use the color layout designer tool before assembling the kit.


SKU: KIT-10446

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