Crib for Arduino - Metal Enclosure

Cost: $29.95 each

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Description: Finally, home-sweet-home for your Arduino projects! Made from sturdy, lightweight powder-coated aluminum, the Crib for Arduino can accommodate either an Arduino Duemilanove or Arduino Mega with head room to spare for a shield like an Ethernet shield. This enclosure weighs only 5.6 oz (159 g) and is structurally very strong.

The baseplate is pre-drilled with hole patterns for both Arduino boards(Main and Mega) so you get perfect alignment and no hole drilling for board mounting. Use the snap-in standoffs to quickly mount your board and go.

Flanges on the lid let you mount your project anywhere with just 4 screws. Bolt it securely under your desk or to the ceiling! Or just insert four rubber feet (not included) into the flange holes so your Arduino project can sit on your desk and not scratch it.


  • 1x - Pre-drilled Baseplate
  • 1x - Lid
  • 1x - Blank Faceplate
  • 1x - Arduino Faceplate
  • 10x - Self-drilling screws to secure the lid, base, and faceplates
  • 4x - Snap-in 3/16" standoffs for board mounting


SKU: PRT-10033

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