Lectro Candle Kit

Cost: $14.95 each

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Description: The LectroCandle is a simple, through-hole kit, comprised mainly of 3 RGB LEDs and an ATtiny85 to control them. Essentially, the Lectro Candle is exactly what it sounds like – an LED-based “candle” that cycles through all the colors of the rainbow. The programming pins of the ATtiny85 are also brought out on the PCB, so you can customize the firmware however you want. This is a perfect kit to start exploring physical computing and play around with LEDs!

This kit comes as a bag of parts, which you'll need to solder onto the PCB. All components are through-hole, so this kit is great for that first-time solderer. Make sure you install everything with the correct polarity!

Batteries not included!

Kit Includes:


SKU: KIT-09563

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