Open Heart Kit

Cost: $18.95 each

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Description: The Open heart kit is an LED matrix of individually addressable LEDs. This little kit can be used in many applications. The designer Jimmie Rodgers used it to build a Zelda inspired life meter. By using a Charliplexing technique for addressing the LEDs, you only need 6 wires from a micro controller to light things up. The Open heart kit was designed with Arduino in mind. You can run up to three of these at once using one Arduino. You can also store up to 1,000 frames of animation(with an Atmega328, but only 500 with the Atmega168), which could lead to some very complex animations.

If you wanted to sew one of these kits into your next project, the LilyPad is a great control board for you.


  • Individually controllable LEDs.

  • Great DIY solder project
  • Arduino Compatible


SKU: KIT-09794

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