Luxeon Rebel LED Tri-Color Driver

Cost: $48.95 each

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Description: Here is a driver board based on the ZXLD1360. It has three discrete channels allowing for control and blending of three individual LEDs. This is made to mate with the Luxeon Rebel breakout boards.

Each LED driven to ~650mA with adjust pins open, off when adjust pins grounded.

Note: PWM control must be with an open pin (PWM high) or ground (PWM low). Do not pull the adjust pins high unless you want to drive the LEDs at greater than 650mA. The adjust pin on a ZXLD1360 driver chip causes the current to be off when it's held low, and on when it's open (or hi Z). Driving the pin at a DC level will cause the current regulation to be something other than the 650mA that the open adjust pin will regulate to, possibly much higher. Tread lightly if you don't know what you're doing.


SKU: COM-09834

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