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Description: Designed and built by ESawdust in Colorado, Chameleon 1 is an enclosure for popular development boards including Arduino and many Olimex dev boards like the AVR-P28. It also supports the XBee Regulated and FreeWave MegaMini RF modules. What makes the Chameleon so great is its universality, and its ruggedness. At only 9oz, it's surprisingly light but can withstand being thrown across a parking lot.

In addition to the enclosure, Chameleon 1 Basic comes with one blank faceplate and stand-offs. The following specialized faceplates can be purchased separately:

Using a 1/8" drill-bit, as referenced by the hole guide, holes are drilled so that the 1/4" standoffs can be mounted on the universal base plate. The pre-centerpunched holes (small dents that guide the drill so it doesn't skate) make drilling much easier. No measuring or tweaking is required. The hole pattern for the Olimex AVR-P28 is 80x100mm and is a very common board size. The Chameleon 1 base plate was engineered to accommodate a host of 80x100mm boards including most Olimex dev boards and the SparkFun Marsupial protoboards.

Chameleon 1 is made of a stiff, lightweight aluminum. At only 9.5 ounces (269 grams), Chameleon 1 is a ready-made, rapid-install, hard-shell enclosure for your system. Once assembled, the enclosure feels rock solid. Chameleon 1 comes standard with a powder-coated black exterior that can be used as-is or painted if desired.

Note: The Chameleon comes with a single faceplate, but you will need another one to fully enclose the box. You can either get a blank faceplate or a specialized plate.

Package includes:

  • (1) Universal base plate
  • (1) Lid
  • (1) Board mounting hardware kit including ¼” standoffs, screws and nuts
  • (16) self-cutting, self-tapping metal screws to securely attach the lid and faceplates
  • (1) Blank face plate (additional styles available separately)
  • (1) Hardware package includes:
    • (16) self-cutting, self-tapping metal screws to attach lid, base, faceplates
    • (4) 1/4" female/female standoffs
    • (8) 3/16" 4-40 screws
    • (4) 1/8" 4-40 screws


  • Lid: 2 x 5 x 6.15"
  • Base Plate: 0.40 x 4.90 x 6.15"
  • Weight: 9.5 ounces (269 grams)


SKU: PRT-09682

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