7027 "BuckToot" LED Driver Module

Cost: $13.95 each

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Description: The 7027 "BuckToot" LED Power Module is a true constant current regulated driver for LEDs.  Unlike standard power supplies, which deliver a fixed voltage to the output, the BuckToot LED driver is designed to reliably vary the output voltage as required to deliver a stable constant current to the LED(s).  The BuckToot exhibits very high efficiency and does not require external current limiting resistors or additional heat sinking.

The BuckToot operates with input voltages from 5 to 28VDC and can supply up to 350mA. It comes with four leads - black (-) and red (+) are for the input voltage and orange (+) and green (-) should be connected to the LEDs. It's a great, simple tool to regulate and drive your LEDs!


  • DC input power up to 28V surge protected
  • True constant current output
  • Extremely small form-factor (10mm diameter x 19mm length)
  • Output open and short circuit protection


SKU: COM-09642

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