HTC ExtUSB 11 Pin USB Connector with Breakout

Cost: $10.95 each

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Description: The HTC ExtUSB Breakout pulls all 11 pins from the ExtUSB connector. This board makes it easy to solder wires to the 11 pins and reverse engineer any device that uses the HTC ExtUSB interface. The HTC ExtUSB connector is used on HTC phones like the Android, Orange SPV M3100, HTC TyTN, Vodafone v1605, HTC Oxygen devices and HTC Meteor devices and probably many more. Comes with a snap on enclosure for the breakout board.

To enable audio output, short pins 7 and 8 together.

Check out this Android hack from Instructables.


  • 1: USB VCC +5v
  • 2: USB Data -
  • 3: USB Data +
  • 4: N / C
  • 5: USB GND
  • 6: Left Audio +
  • 7: Labeled "AG"
  • 8: Audio - (GND) Labeled "CK"
  • 9: Switch (Talk) Labeled "OT"
  • 10: Right Audio +
  • 11: Mic +
  • 12: Chassis Ground (GND)

Documents: For more pinout information see Kineteka

SKU: PRT-09167

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