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Energy keyrings, with one of the 8 trigrams of the I Ching. The I Ching is one of the oldest Chinese classic texts. It describes an ancient system of philosophy, centered on the idea of balance of opposites. Each keyring represents a trigram and has its meaning.

SUN: the gentle, the wind or wood, penetating
CHEN: the exciting, arousing, the thunder, inciting
CHIEN: the creative, the heaven, strong
K'UN: the receptive, the eart, devoted
TUI: the serene, joyous, the swamp, pleasure
KEN: the keeping still, the mountain, resting
LI: the ataching, clinging, the fire, light giving
K'AN: the abysmal, the water, dangerous.

Please contact the designer to indicate wich one you want.
WARNING: Unfortunatelly I only have K'AN, SUN, KEN, TUI, LI left...
If you love others.. I let you use the eps for free (includes 3 of each)

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Acrylic - Clear TRANSPARENT

Acrylic - Clear TRANSPARENT

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